The Captive God Showing

I heard back from the George Eastman Museum about the cost to digitize a copy of the movie Charles watched, The Captive God, for limited access viewing. In the end, all I really want to do is show the movie 100 years to the day in the same city Charles saw it. If that can happen, I’ll be totally satisfied. I still hope a venue can be found or I’ll be watching it alone in my hotel room. It will be the most expensive showing of one movie for one person ever!

Captive God Cost-1Captive God Cost-2

Captive God Cost-3

That works out to $16.50 per minute!  What a shame if I cannot share this with silent movie fans everywhere.

The film and all rights to it is owned by the George Eastman Museum. They also have the ONLY remaining copy. It took me 6 months to find it and I’ve been trying to get them to loan me a copy for the last 4+ months.

The $600 price tag is solely to be granted LIMITED time access via Vimeo. They flatly refuse to allow me to have a copy of the film.

The Captive God Plot Summary

A little Spanish boy is shipwrecked and cast ashore in Mexico in the sixteenth century. Raised as a god by the Tehuan tribe, who have never before seen a white man, the boy is named Chiapa. At manhood, Chiapa rules the Tehuans. When the priestess Tecolote, whom he loves, is kidnapped by the Aztec warrior Mexitli, Chiapa follows in hopes of rescuing her.