Lake Hartwell Crossing

On June 9th I’ll be crossing the Savanah River exactly where Charles did 100-years ago to the day. Today, it’s under Lake Hartwell. We plan to depart Winder,GA at 0645. We have 7 planned photo stops before we get the GA dock. Normal drive time is about 2 hours. Ours will be more like 3 to 3.5.

We’ll be calling ahead to the GA and SC locations for ILA, GA and again from Royston, GA for heads up. If any of you like me to call you as well, please send me a text to 803-640-9544. I send you the exact addresses. After we load the bike, my photographer, Tim White, will ride to the SC dock and call me when he gets there. Then we’ll start across. It will take him about 40 mins. To get to the SC dock.

Let me know if you would like to meet us at this crossing!