George Brownlee Clinkscales and his daughter Nellie. (circa 1918)

George Clinkscales was a professor at Converse College in Spartanburg, SC and the man that Charles was referring to when he wrote, “I arrived at Spartanburg, paid a hurried visit to the Clinkscales, some old friends”.

It was a challenge to only have a last name and city and tie that exactly to the man Charles met. His home was torn down when the college brought the property to expand the college. However, I’ve found this picture of that house.

Clinkscale 1916 home Right

John George Clinkscales was the father of George B.(Brownlee) Clinkscales. George B.(Brownlee) Clinkscales was living in Spartanburg in 1916. He lived at 198 North Fair View Ave. which is directly across the street from Converse College. (now lost)

George B.(Brownlee) Clinkscales, B.S., Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics
Full text of “Annual catalogue of the teachers, officers and students of Converse College”

“Annual catalogue of the teachers, officers and students of Converse College”
SPARTANBURG, S. C. 1915-1916

I found Julian A. Foster Jr. Age 65, and we talked about meeting on this trip, but I think he has passed away, as every contact I had for him is now a dead end. He was the last living relative of Brownlee Clinkscales.

Nell Dannelly Clinkscales Foster (1916 – 2005) – Find A Grave Memorial

M = Nellie (Dannelly) Clinkscales
F = George Brownlee Clinkscales B.S., Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics
C = Nell Dannelly (Clinkscales) Foster

M = Nell Dannelly (Clinkscales) Foster
F = Julian Allen Foster
C = Julian Allen Foster, Jr.